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According to my previous question on what an Ideal person would have, you guys responded with awesome answers and gave me a few qualities I had never thought of! Thanks! Now, let's move on to why I posted this question. I am going to give you what you think is the perfect person. If somebody wants to post a picture on that person who you think is the perfect person, feel free!

According to you, the ideal person would have to have the qualities I will list in a minute. If somebody submits a paragraph talking about this person, great job.


Now, you chose that the ideal person should have love, humor, empathy, dependability, reliability, happiness, honesty, forgiveness, loyalty, be fun, have no boring aspects, be in a good mood, and give a good back rub. I think I covered all of them. If not, post it here in a comment. .

Special Thanks to: Goyo, Lise-laroche, volpon, Nicole-Bailey, WhyNot, mortimerfran, Jason_Dong, Lisbeth60, aloshek, viddilla, cheeseisyumm, dandi, nizhoni1, hithere3387, Heidita, and everybody who voted and viewed my question!

  • Posted Dec 12, 2009
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If the person doesn't have all or any of the qualities that you mention, then see their potential. See them through God's eyes. We come from once Perfect parents.

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