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what is the correct way to say "we had a good time"

  • Posted Dec 11, 2009
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7 Answers

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Lo pasamos bien

  • This is what I have heard lots of times. :) - 003487d6 Dec 11, 2009 flag
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Tuvimos un buen tiempo. ( We had a nice weather.)

We usually use the word "tiempo " when we are referring to weather or time.

What’s the weather like? ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Llevamos mucho tiempo viviendo en Londres. We've lived in London for a long time.

The meaning of the expression "a good time" is closer to " un buen rato "

have a good time: pasarlo bien / pasar un buen rato .smile

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Nos divertimos mucho.


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Nos divertimos.


Tuvimos un buen tiempo.

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Nosotros tuvimos un buen tienpo LOL

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La pasamos súper/chévere/rico/bien/genial/muy bien. Depending on where you are in the world you might say LO rather than LA

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Pasamos un buen rato

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