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I am emailing my Spanish tutor.

Should I say Dear Dolores or Hi Dolores.

Should I end with Yours Sincerely, or Kind Regards

¿Y como se dice estos en español?

  • Posted Dec 8, 2009
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7 Answers

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Querida implies love, does it not?

Could you use one of the following instead? Estimada Dolores, Hola Dolores,

  • No, it doesn't necessarily, Dear so and so in English is also used as an impersonal salutation. - 0074b507 Dec 8, 2009 flag
  • Well I was told that in Spanish Querido is reserved for friends and family. I agree that he shuold use Estimada - 003487d6 Dec 8, 2009 flag
  • I also think that Estimada is better than Querida. You say "Hola mi querida" to a very close female friend, not to your teacher. - 00f2b5a1 Dec 8, 2009 flag
  • The comma is not used in Spanish! - lazarus1907 Dec 15, 2010 flag
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If you use Querida is ok. Wouldn'T use it if is an working email. For the end, Saludos is fine, Espero tengas un buen día is nicer, Sinceramente is more for romantic letters Querida implies love, but not love of lovers. In spanish you have 2 kind of love, or would like to say that english just have 1 word for 2 meanings. Te quiero means i love you but can be use it to a friend, to your mother, to yoru brother. Te amo, is i love you but in a 100% romantic way. So, querida has a relationship to the first meaning of love.

  • What an excellent explanation you have given! - Sabor Dec 15, 2010 flag
  • Excellent indeed! You get my vote! ;) - malcriada Dec 15, 2010 flag
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Hola Pablo. Welcome to the forum. grin

To open the email I'd say "Querida Dolores" (Dear Dolores).

To end the email I'd say "Recuerdos" (Regards).

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I also like the informal ending of "saludos" at the end of an email.

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Estimado/a for the opening and saludos at the end.

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For close friend and family: Querido/a [name] :

Alternatively: Hola, [name] :

Un (fuerte) abrazo.

Muchos abrazos.

Un abrazo.


Muchos besos.

For other friends: Estimado/a [name] :

Te saluda cordialmente,

Notice that the correct punctuation requires a comma after "Hola" before the name, and a colon at the end of the line.

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You question should read ¿Cuáles son las mejores maneras para iniciar y terminar un e-mail?

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