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I found this phrase the other night and was wondering what it means. ...la mode recto verso! Thank you.

  • Posted Dec 6, 2009
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recto verso

right/left hand pages of book or 2 sided printing

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Perhaps it is some sort of camera mode. Note, however, that "la mode" is not Spanish, but rather French.

Spanish would be "el modo"

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la mode means the method in french. verso means back. and recto doesn't have a meaning but can connect to the word rectum as in YOUR BUTT. tongue rolleye

  • "recto" and "verso" are Latin words. - samdie Dec 7, 2009 flag
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Trust me...it's all about skid marks.

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Don't recto and verso apply to front and back, of a coin for instance or of a document?

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The direct opposite of fashion

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from Lugann "Trust me...it's all about skid marks."

So a friend just had to share a video with some of us last week. Guy was giving a striptease for his girl. After he removed his pants with underwear still on he slowly turns, his front is facing the camera and his rear is facing the girl. Well the girl screams, the guy turns around quickly so now his rear is facing the camera, and we get a view of one very nasty looking skid mark. Fade to black, then the words "la mode recto verso" appear.

So based off the earlier comment that seems right on the mark. Skid marks.


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In French, it means "fashion front and rear" and is an advertisement/commercial. Don' t assume it is Spanish because there is an "O" in it (it is Latin BTW) and don' t assume it means "skidmarks" because you see some...

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Agreed, It is slang about failure to properly cleanse oneself after a B.M.

"skid marks"

in this instance.. or two sides of the sheet...

No expert, cessna

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My fiance is french... losely translated... it means "always check your rear." Meaning check your skivvies for skid marks!

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@nikkifromnow. your translation makes more sense. The phrase came from a funny video where a boy was doing strip tease for his girlfriend when he's down to his briefs,he turned his back to the girl and bend down grin) which made the girl screamed.When he turned around to face the girl and his back facing the camera, there was a dark stain running down his briefs! LOL!!

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Watch closely. It wasn't a failure to clean himself... It seems to grow lol watch again.

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