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la calle

  • Posted Dec 2, 2009
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  • thanks for the help when i typed it into the dictionary it wasnt coming up for some reason - sirrocky12 Dec 2, 2009 flag

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It means The street or Road e.t.c

  • etc. is an abreviation of et cetera. Your periods are in the wrong place. - misterD Dec 2, 2009 flag
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Do me a favor- click the word "calle" in your own post (or this one) and see the little box pop up that says calle = street. It's very cool.

  • Great tip! I didn't know that was possible. - alice_m Dec 2, 2009 flag
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Hi Sir Rocky. Welcome to the forum. grin

This word is something easily found in the dictionary.

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WOW, I had no idea you could click the words and it will give you a translation. That changes everything for me. Thanks!

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¡Hola!, Sirrocky12:

You can do this. We can help.

If you enter the word "calle" into our dictionary it will give you the meaning.

The better news is that you can do it for any word you want to know about.

Here is a small instruction about how to use our dictionary. Go ahead, have a blast.

...................How to Use Our Dictionary..................................
In the Blue Menu Bar at the top of the screen, you will see these “Tabs”:
Learn Spanish ─ Flashcards ─ Answers ─ Translation ─ Dictionary ─ More
“Click” on the “Dictionary” tab
There is a wide (but not tall) window, with subdued printing, which says “Enter a Spanish or English Word”.
Type the word you are researching into the window.
Press the “Enter” key, or, “Click” on the orange “Translate” button
This should reveal the details about the word you are researching.
If you still have a question after you have done this, please enter it in one of the “Reply” areas below, or, in a new Question/Post/Thread

We are here to help so if you still need us when you have looked up your word, just come back to the forum and ask a new question.



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