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Una amiga estaba tomando un examen para la universidad. Ella vio la palabra "Iodo". Sabemos que iodo es "iodine" en inglés, pero no sabemos qué significa con la letra I mayúscula. ¿Es el nombre de una obra literaria o un personaje?

Gracias por su ayuda.

  • Posted Dec 2, 2009
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'Iodo' is Spanish for 'Iodine', as has been stated. I suppose it would make sense to use a capital "I" to distinguish the atomic element from an ointment or tincture that may contain iodine.

Check out this reference: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yodo

I hope that helps. smile (p.s. the font change is to distinguish the "I" from the "l". wink

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It means "mud."

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It means "mud."

That is "Lodo". The answer is about Iodo (with capital i). As far as I know It has only the meaning you stated in your question.

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Possibly a reference to the character Yodo in the Star Wars series. (I don't know how the name is usually spelled in Spanish ["i" or "y" would work for the pronunciation).

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Creo que necesitamos más contexto para adivinarla.

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