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I'm talking about my family and I want to say, "My point is we are very close." I'm having a hard time finding "close" in reference to a relationship that is not a romantic one.

"La cuestión es que _________________."

  • Posted Dec 1, 2009
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  • I asked my friend from Ecuador who said 'tener una relación cercana' ej. Quiero tener una relación más cercana a mi hermana - phlml Jan 30, 2016 flag

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"estrecha" is "close" like for your family members

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I believe in this instance one would use "cercano"

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Estamos muy unidos. We are very close.

Somos una familia muy unida. We're a very close family.

Es un íntimo amigo mío. He's a very close friend of mine.

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Well I guess I will give my 2 cents worth (after reviewing this).

  • I think Eddy is correct with "cercano" which is used for relatives.

  • Dandi is correct with "unida" which is used with relatives and friends. However "íntimo" is used only with friends as Dandi has.

  • "estrecha" seems to also be used only for friends.

So my question is "What would you use for animals?" I could not find anything. I guess it would depend if a person considered a animal/pet ... etc. a part of the family or a friend.

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Trust me...somos estrechos has a completely different meaning!!

Tenemos una relación estrecha.

This is what you are looking for.

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