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How to I say 'likewise' or 'same to you' if someone wishes me merry christmas and happy new year in Spanish? Latin American Spanish.

  • Posted Nov 30, 2009
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  • If you like mine approve it please. Sorry I'm a little desperate for rep right now :) - hmmmmm Nov 30, 2009 flag
  • It's not about the one we like. It's about the one that's correct. - Issabela Dec 2, 2009 flag

9 Answers

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El mismo a tú.

  • I do not believe this is correct. A ti también or Igualmente is correct. - 003487d6 Nov 30, 2009 flag
  • I agree with dandi - Valerie Nov 30, 2009 flag
  • Very bad form, hmmmmm. Your profile lists your spanish level as intermediate, therefore a new learner might take your word as bond... but the obvious answer is Igualmente as stated by dandi. - jeezzle Dec 2, 2009 flag
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  • This is what I've always heard. :) - Valerie Nov 30, 2009 flag
  • Same here, Valerie :) - FELIZ77 May 3, 2011 flag
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Igualmente wink

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I vote for igualmente.

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Igualmente works well here

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Igualmente is perfect, but just "igual" works as well, and is shorter. One can also say "A ti también."

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Hi, "El mismo a tú" is not correct at all so don't use it. The correct ones would be "Igualmente", "Lo mismo digo" (thats quite informal) and "Te deseo lo mismo" (thats formal). Hope to help.

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igualmente smile

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