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Some one sent me a song and I want to tell them that the song is good and that I like it- how would I say that in Spanish?

  • Posted Nov 30, 2009
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5 Answers

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Está bien.

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La canción es buena (good)/es chévere(cool)/es placentera(pleasant.)/es agradable(nice).

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¡Me encantó la canción!

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El canción es bueno y me la gusta.

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El canción es bueno y me la gusta.

Something does not look correct about me la gusta. The thing that you like or "is pleasing to you" is the subject of sentence, not the d.o. The typical gustar sentence is intransitive (there is no direct object) so the la does not look correct here. Would it have to be "me gusta ella" or something similar?

If me la gusta is correct could someone take the time to explain the grammar to me?

Oh, and it's la canción es buena.

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