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I have to write a few sentences in Spanish using the past present and future tense.. can you help me? The paragraph is below and the first part of the paragraph is past the second part is present and the third part is future, but how do i write this in Spanish?

When I was child I used to ride my bike all the time. I used to dance and take singing lessons. i used to love to run. when I was in second grade I wanted to be a meteorologist. i used to love watching television and playing jump rope. I used to travel all the time. In High school I used to run track. I love the weather and news. I travel sometimes. I enjoy cooking and music. I love baking with my kids. I love to travel. When my children grow up i want to take them to Italy. When I grow up i want to work in Television. My daughter will be four. my son will be 2. i cant wat to graduate.

  • Posted Nov 30, 2009
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My suggestion would be to first put it through the machine translator. You will get some nonsensical sentences, but it will provide a starting point. Then attempt to correct the translator's errors. If you encounter something that brings up a question about Spanish grammar or vocabulary that you are unfamiliar with, then post questions about those specific items. When you have compiled your best effort, re-post it and we can proofread it for you. (Well, perhaps I shouldn't say "we". I mean someone that knows what they are talking about, not me)

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Sorry, we cannot do your homework for you.

If you wish, you can try yourself and we will help correct the text.

Welcome to the site.smile

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I love going to school so much because i love to learn.

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