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As I understand it, both verbs mean "to have". When should I use which?

  • Posted Nov 28, 2009
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Tener means to have and haber is and auxiliary.

I have two sisters. --> Tengo dos hermanas.

I have gone to Paris twice. --> He ido a Paris dos veces.

The verb haber is meaningless out of context.

  • Haber does not have to be an auxillary verb. E.g. Hay, había - impersonal haber - 0074b507 Nov 28, 2009 flag
  • I know In fact I put that in my first post but then I edited it because I thought it wouldn't be easy to understand - pisacaballo Nov 28, 2009 flag
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If "haber" is in the present tense third person singular--"hay"--it could also translate "there is/are"

Hay dos personas que tienen camisetas rosas.
There are two people who have pink T-shirts.

  • thanks - TheSilentHer Nov 28, 2009 flag
  • But if you mean they were wearing pink t shirts it is que llevan camisetas rosas. - kenwilliams Nov 29, 2009 flag
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I see.


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