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What is the meaning of Hike Over?

I'm a student and would like to know if "hike over the equinox" means that someone wants to be hiking during this event, before or after the equinox in March.

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  • Posted Nov 26, 2009
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The equinox is not a physical, tangible thing that we can hike over, like when we say "hike over the mountain" --- caminata por la montaña. The equinox is an event in time, so I would imagine that it means to go hiking during that time. My guess...

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Robertico said:

....it means to go hiking during that time.

Yes. Just like you could say "I'd like to go hiking over (during) the next few weeks."

  • Or, "go hiking over Christmas Holidays" :) (at least that's a way to say it in the USA) - Valerie Nov 26, 2009 flag
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An equinox is either of the two times a year when the length of day and night are approximately equal in either the spring or the autumn.

The definition of the word "hike" is not very broad. "Click on this link ----> hike to see a dictionary definition.

It would have been better to have a fuller sentence or paragraph to see in what context the term "hike over" is used. Without more context I would speculate as follows:

The writer is seeing the equinox as some kind of peak or pinnacle and seeing,perhaps the sun's passage, as hiking toward and past or surmounting that peak. If that is the sense of use, then in a figurative way, the sun has "hiked over" its peak or pinnacle.

Is this any use or is this just my whimsey?


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Most likely this mean he hiked during the equinox, but more context is needed because over can have many meanings.

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