What does the phrase "Sabor a Mi" mean? Literally, the English translation would be taste/flavor to me, but this doesn't make any sense in English. Does anyone know the english equivalent of this phrase?

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  • Mike, could you give more context? What else was said/written where this phrase came up? - chaparrito Nov 25, 2009
  • See the lyrics below - MikeCross Nov 25, 2009
  • It means "my tastes". In the song he is telling his lover that they have been together so long, that now he has her tastes in everything and that she has his tastes. - arthur001 Sep 5, 2016
  • Oh by the way, you can see & hear me sing this song on Youtube. Type Butch Conyers in the search window and then you'll find the song in my playlist. Hope I didn't break any rules here. - arthur001 Sep 5, 2016

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Self sensations

The zest or spice of me...my true spirit for you to feel as a joyful flavorful experience, but not a taste of the palate, a taste of the soul.

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  • Very old. I remember it from my childhood. - 0068e2f4 Nov 25, 2009


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Tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor

nuestras almas se acercaron tanto a así

que yo guardo tu sabor

pero tú llevas también

sabor a mí.

Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir

bastaría con abrazarte y conversar

tanta vida yo te dí

que por fuerza tienes ya

sabor a mí.

No pretendo ser tu dueño

no soy nada yo no tengo vanidad

de mi vida doy lo bueno

soy tan pobre, que otra cosa puedo dar.

Pasarán mas de mil años, muchos mas

yo no sé si tenga amor la eternidad

pero allá, tal como aquí

en la boca llevarás

sabor a mí.

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  • jajaja muy buena esa rola, robertico - EdiOswaldo Nov 25, 2009
  • Yo creo que esta cancion tiene mas de 70 anios. - 0068e2f4 Nov 25, 2009
  • Si es un bolero viejisimo. - EdiOswaldo Nov 25, 2009


sabor a mi in the lyrical spanish would be in lyrical English

as a noun: my kiss, my soul's kiss

or as an expression: remember my kiss or cherish our love

the literal "my taste" even if it's translated "don't forget my taste" is just not an expression of love in the English language

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As much time we enjoy of this love Our souls if had approached in such a way thus That I keep your flavor But you also lead One gostinho of me If to deny my presence in your life It would be enough that I hug it and talk As much life I gave to you That for forces already he has One gostinho of me I do not intend to be your owner I am not nothing I do not have vanity Of my life I give it of good I am so poor, that another thing I can give? They will pass a thousand years more than, much more I do not know if he has love to the eternity But there, as here In the mouth you will lead One gostinho of me

One gostinho of me

¿será "One flavor of me" la manera correcta?

Espero que esta sea la traduccion correcta, la encontré en internet jejeje Lo hice con la única intención de despejar la duda, si alguien tiene la versión correcta, no hay problema.

Un saludo y espero haberte ayudado.

  • Aunque gostiho me suena a portugués - EdiOswaldo Nov 25, 2009
  • Si, esa palabra nunca la he visto. - 0068e2f4 Nov 25, 2009


If I can offer a translation of the song:

For a long time we've enjoyed this love affair

But Our souls have always known this hour would come

so I hold on to your kiss

but you also take away

a part of me

If you deny my presence in your life

It's enough to have held you and shared your thoughts

so much life I've given you

that you must already have

a part of me

I don't pretend to be your only man

I am no one, I have no claim to fame

in my life, I gave you my best

I'm a pauper, what more have I to give

if a thousand years go by, even more

I can't say if I will find you in the stars

But there, just as here

you will always have

a part of me