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I heard it in an Enrique Iglesias song.

  • Posted Nov 25, 2009
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  • Dimelo is like saying "talk to me " in street terms ..or if you want the literal it's "tell me" .. "say it to me" - megaraps Nov 25, 2009 flag
  • Here check out my tune here www.3nightsinvegas.com the song is called "Dime Dime Dime Dime Di que Si!" - megaraps Nov 25, 2009 flag

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Di (say)-me(me)-lo (it)

Say it to me.

Learned that in class :D

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HI seb, look at the conjugation of decir.wink

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Under the conjugation section, there is no 'dimelo'. Can anyone help?

  • The conjugation is "Di", "melo" are two add-ons for the commanding verb (Di). - Gustav-R Nov 25, 2009 flag
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Seb, I said: decir.

Once you find it, you add the pronouns. of course, it would be much easier and shorter to tell you, but that would not help youwink

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Thanks Heidita.....I've found it. smile

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It means "say it to me" di - say (Imperativo) me - to me lo - it (masculine)

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Di (say)-me(me)-lo (it)


The pronoun "me" is an indirect object pronoun and takes on the meaning "to me" or "for me." Which is why you have "Say it to me" rather than "Say it me"

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