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What does SIPPPP jajaja? TMQ mean. A girl added this comment below to my boyfriend's FB page. He syas it doesn't mean anything. They have been friends for twenty years. I don't know Spanish culture that well. Is he telling truth.

mmmmmmmm me gustaaaaaa.... q guapo.. un beso tqm

SIPPPP jajaja? tmq

  • Posted Nov 24, 2009
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  • Thanks for asking this question... I just learned a little bit more about the culture by reading the comments. :) - MeEncantanCa Feb 21, 2010 flag

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mmmmmmmm me gustaaaaaa.... q guapo.. un beso tqm

SIPPPP jajaja? tmq

Te quiero mucho, loveya..nothing serious, just a friendly comment. Very acceptable in our culture.

I would have translated:

hmmmmmmm, I looooooooooooove it, sooooo handsome, hugs and kisses, lovya

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, hahaha, loveya too.

  • what if he repsonds :"dddddddd verdad? jajajaja" and then her with sipppp jajajaj tqm - jca1970 Nov 24, 2009 flag
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tmq Te quiero mucho.

The jajaja is just laughter.

  • It depends on your ages and it could be misinterpreted. It could also be viewed as Love ya, Hugs and Kisses if you are old friends of the couple.. - 0074b507 Nov 24, 2009 flag
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dddddddddd verdad? = reeaaaalllly?

sippppppp = yeeeaaaah

jajajaja = hahahaha

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"Sip" is the same thing as "Sí" but the "p" at the end works like "Yep" instead of "Yes."

"Jaja" is just laughter, similar to saying "lol". The more jajajajaja the funnier it is.

In this case I would translate "Te Quiero Mucho" (tqm) as "Miss ya" or "Love ya" in a casual way.

"k" or "q" is typing slang for "que".

"q guapo" is like "how cute/handsome".

"un beso" is obviously cultural. In Latin America, a kiss on the cheek is a perfectly ordinary greeting or goodbye. If someone says "un beso" they never mean it on the lips.

"me gusta" is "i like it". This is probably referring to a photo on his facebook page.

"mmmmmm" is different in english and spanish. It can have different meanings. I usually interpret is as a way to show you are thinking, (like "hmmm").

Keep in mind that in Spanish typing language (at least Mexican typing slang), people often repeat letters for no particular reason ("me gustaaaaa"). They just drag it out to sound less formal.

  • Thank you for the translation of SIP, that one has puzzled me for some time. - 0074b507 Feb 21, 2010 flag
  • I also want to thank you for explaining "sip"... It was confusing me how people got from "sip" to "yes" - MeEncantanCa Feb 21, 2010 flag
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I love you too babe thanks for the one night stand hahaha kisses

  • "One night stand" is not implied anywhere!!! - webdunce Dec 25, 2009 flag
  • Absolutely incorrect...pay no attention to this, jca - alba3 Feb 21, 2010 flag
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you say TQM to friends as well, meaning they mean a lot to you, it doesnt mean I love you as a lover ..jajaja, shows something made her laugh, maybe the TQM was a bit satirical too, and guapo is handsome, but again in Spanish culture, these type of comments are just normal. Dont worry about it!

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