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what does "muy bonita" mean is it ok for me to say a picture of someone is "muy bonita"

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El vestido es muy bonito. The dress is very pretty. La blusa es muy bonita. The blouse is very pretty. And you can use bonita to describe a female person: Eres tan bonita como las flores en mayo. You are as pretty as the flowers in May. Don't think you would say that to a male person though, perhaps you would just say. Eres muy guapo. You are very handsome you could add to that something like: Te parece Antonio. Banderos. You look like Antonio.Banderos.

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HI mama, welcomesmile

This depends, bonita is feminine, so it can only be said to females.

Muy bonito, muy bonita

Remember please this is a learning site, we need you to use correct spelling and capitalization, thankswink

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Hi Hot Mama:

Yes, it's a good thing to say. It means "very pretty."

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muy bonita means very pretty and you can say something like Mi amigo tienes un muy bonita chaquete.

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Since this is a learning site....

"HI Mamma. Welcome,

This depends. Bonita is feminine, so it can only be said to females.

"Muy bonito". "Muy bonita".

Please remember, this is a learning site. We need you to use correct spelling and capitalization. Thanks."

All spelling and capitalization has been corrected. wink


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bonito, bonita = pretty, beauty

bonito (male) hay un bonito dia (it's a beautiful day) él es bonito (he's cute)

bonita (female) ella tiene bonita sonrisa (She has a beautiful smile) ella es una mujer bonita (she is pretty woman)

Muy bonita (so pretty)

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I would think that as long as the woman you are talking to isn't a person of authority,a minor(so there is no chance of taking your comment out of context),and the time and place is appropriate,that it is alright to pay a compliment.I have.

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