What is the difference between? "Te amo" and "Te quiero" ? | SpanishDict Answers
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What is the difference between "Te amo" and "Te quiero" ?

Likewise, what is the difference between "Te extraño" and "Te echo de menos" ?

The translator says they mean the same things, but is one more intense in emotion or somehow different than the other?


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I hear both "te amo" and "te quiero" with married couples. "Te amo" is a bit more passionate and not appropriate for family members.

"Te extraño" is mostly used in Latin American, and "Te echo de menos" is used in Spain.

  • Hola Marianne es verdad aqui mas usamos "Te extraño" aunque algunas veces también decimos "Te echo de menos" - EdiOswaldo Nov 22, 2009 flag
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"te extraño" means I am exiled, alienated, estranged, miss, or feel the loss of.

"te echo de menos" means I miss or mourn the absence of

Te echo de menos appears to be a more intense form, but the two are used fairly equally, at least in my experience.

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Hi, my firend.

"Te amo y te quiero", eso me recuerda a una canción de josé josé. "Amar y querer" jajaja

Lyrics song:

Casi todos sabemos querer pero pocos sabemos amar, es que amar y querer no es igual, amar es sufrir querer es gozar, El que ama pretende seguir,el que ama su vida la da, y el que quiere pretende vivir y nunca sufrir y nunca sufrir, el que ama no puede pensar todo lo da todo lo da, el que quiere pretende olvidar y nunca llorar y nunca llorar el querer pronto puede acabar,el amor no conoce el final,es que todos sabemos querer pero pocos sabemos amar.

creo que lo explica un poco pero en resumen:

I love you---> Te amo

Los usas para una persona con la que comparten un vinculo emocional grande; ejemplo: La esposa(the wife)

I want you--> Te quiero

Lo usas para una persona cuyo amor o sentimiento de cariño es momentaneo.Ejemplo: La enamorada (the girlfriend) wink

Aunque el verbo"Querer" tiene mucha similitud con "Want".

I want you to buy the house. Te quiero comprar la casa.

Umm this is correct, please.

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Good... the difference between "te amo" and "te quiero" is That " te amo" is more common hear to say to couples or mothers to her family because is a feeling very intense and "te quiero" is less intense tongue wink

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Te amo means I love you and Te quiero means I want you.

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Te quiero can certainly mean I love you but you wouldn't say te amo to your mother. One is a bit more passionate... have a good day.

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