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I enjoy SpanishDict.com very much and I am learning a lot, but I find the 'bouncing balls' on the website annoying—and very distracting. Is there a way to get rid of the bouncing balls?

I can go 'full screen' during part of the lessons, but cannot use full screen during the 'Recall' part of the lesson!

Thanks for your help, Allegria

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I don't have bouncing balls on mine, but the pause for the ads to load is enough to drive me to distraction! jejeje

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I do believe you, allegria. However, my alter ego really wants to ask if you have seen the opthamologist or any other exorcist recently?

alt text

You fall asleep... no longer the bouncing red distracting balls shall bother you...

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Yes there (probably) is a way to get rid of them... google "Adblock" and download it. This is a program that will block most ads from your screen and allow the option to block others that it doesn't catch. I know it works with Firefox, and I think there's an Explorer version. Its very simple to setup and use.

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Allegria, don't tell on me, but I've found that if I shrink the window, I can exclude the ads on the right. wink My browser is Google Chrome.

  • Oh my gosh - duh! I should have thought of that! Great thinking, Valerie! - aloshek Nov 24, 2009 flag
  • I shrink the window when I'm doing the 'Recall' part of the lesson... but, at my age, and with my eyesight, I'd get better score if the window wasn't so tiny! (At least, that's my excuse for now, ha ha!) - allegria Nov 25, 2009 flag
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I have never seen any bouncing balls.

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LOL. Trust me to have end up sending in a 'weird' question! (I always did manage to get myself in trouble when I was a kid in school, and now I've made a fool of myself in a cyberspace class, ha ha1)

The 'bouncing balls' on the Spanishdict.com website on my computer screen are bright red, and, as I said, are very distracting. They're in a box in one corner and are some sort of advertisement. :(

Oh, well, since I'm enjoying Spanishdict.com so much, I guess I'll just have to learn to ignore those darn balls!

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to respond!

Cheers, Allegria

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You made me laugh! smile

Cheers, Allegria

PS If I fall asleep, the bouncing balls may be gone... but I won't learn any Spanish!

  • Then we'll hypnothize you and teach at the same time ;))) - Issabela Nov 23, 2009 flag
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¿Cuál "bouncing balls"? cool hmm

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Gee, I wish I could answer that in Spanish! But I can't. (not yet anyway)

The 'bouncing balls' are an animation of six bright-red bouncing balls on my computer screen in two squares to the right on the "Lessons". Superimposed over each of the six balls (which bounce about frantically in the squares) is the question "How many of the balls are bouncing? If you click on the square (i.e. in attempt to get rid of the darn things), it takes you to an advertisement for a 'Trivia Game Subscription Service'. When you try to close the advertisement window, it won't let you. It goes automatically goes to another window which says, "Wait! I have something else for you." Eventually, I was able to close the darn window, thank goodness. The good thing was, I ended up with only one bouncing ball in each of the squares (which is better than six bouncing balls in each square!), but even so, they are distracting.

So... there you have it.

I wish I could have explained in Spanish! With that in mind, I'm off to do some lessons — despite the bouncing balls!


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Thank you very much for the information! I have Firefox and Safari on my computer. I tried to download Adblock for both, but, unfortunately, both are outdated (and my computer is too old to upgrade). :( I am about to buy a new computer though, and will save your much-valued information for later!

(I'm also happy to report that the bouncing balls disappeared from my screen this afternoon, and a new (thankfully static!) image replaced them! Yay!!! (The advertising 'powers-to be' must have heard me complaining!)

Back to my lessons now! Allegria

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