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Is there a website where you can type in a Spanish word and they will pronounce it for you?

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wordreference.com is another excellent dictionary website. It offers pronunciations for every dictionary entry.

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This is a site where words are pronounced by humans rather than a computer, If the word you want is not listed, just type it in and in a very short time, you get an email with the answer for your question.


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Hi Pepsiwriter and welcome to the forum.

Actually, you are able to do that at this website. All you need to do is to type a word in the Dictionary and click on the picture of a megaphone. The word will be pronounced for you.

Also, the Flashcard featuer is another great way to hear how words are pronounced. Simply type the word you want to hear in English on the left and click on the space in between. The Spanish word will then appear on the right. Once your flashcard set has been completed, you can hear the words in the "Listen" section.

There is no need to go elsewhere, when what you are asking for is right here!! wink wink LOL

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This seems like a good pronunciation site: Text To Speech

Also: Acapela

I think I "stole" these links from Moe.

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