English-spanish excersices

my history teacher makes people who chew gum and behave like monkey biscuits during class make pull-ups. knowing that im a spanish speaker, he asked me how to say pull-ups in spanish i was surprised to know i had forgotten

i really would like to know how the action to pull yourself up using a bar steadily settled in about your height when your arms are stretched up and is parallel to the floor is called in english

(pardon my english im mexican) tongue laugh

  • Posted Nov 18, 2009
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Hola 13friday,

Guau! Nunca pensé que alguien español tendria una pregunta que puedo dar una respuesta! Jeje.

Hay otra thread sobre eso aquí. Haz cliqué.

push up , press up = la flexión ( It may be noted that in Spanish push ups are sometimes called "lagartijas", meaning "little lizards").

pull-up (or chin up ) = la tracción o dominadas en barra fija

Creo que "la tracción en barra fija" es cuál lo busca.