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I know it's some kind of 'slang', but it's crazy because I'm Puerto Rican and I use this word. But I just wanted to see if anyone had a definition so I could explain to others what it means.

  • Posted Nov 17, 2009
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  • jeje, funny, getting my vote - 00494d19 Nov 17, 2009 flag
  • In México it is not slang, it is "familiar use". - pacofinkler Jan 19, 2011 flag

7 Answers

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ni modo = no way

But maybe there are other meanings. Wait around for the others.

  • Well the way I was taught to use it was like "nimodo= oh well". That's what it sounds like to me. - jackyI Nov 17, 2009 flag
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I believe it's "ni modo" and it means, "no way"

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HI Jackyl, please have a look at previous threads on the topic.

Ni modo

Ni modo

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jackyl, que significa "barranquillero arrebatao"? es una cancion de Raulin Rosendo.

  • Lo siento, nunca he oido esa cancion antes. tampoco la palabra "barranquillero", pero se que algo "arrebatao" es algo rapido o violento.... - jackyI Nov 18, 2009 flag
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Nimodo mean "oh well"

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Ok ,Here we go.

"Ni modo" it is an expression that has no english equivalent. We in this case must translate the idea. It is used in several ways, depending on the context.Typically, it is used to indicate resignation to (something), or an occurence that must be dealt with, no matter the cost in money or time, or sentiment. Another meaning would be "it is what it is". There are more ways for this to be used, but in mexican spanish these are the most common.

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This is the best explaination, from Maria de los Angeles in a previous thread:

Gus, no necesariamente es lo que tu dices que significa para los mexicanos "nii modo"; ni modo se utiliza para citar que ya no se puede hacer nada. Sin embargo hay que tener mucho cuidado con esta expresión porque si no se usa correctamente y con el tino adecuado nos puede ocasionar problemas, porque su uso puede herir susceptibilidades.


Gus, me caí de la cama

Tu respuesta puede ser "ni modo", porque efectivamente ya no se puede hacer nada, pero lo más seguro es que yo espere que tu reacción sea de comprensión y apoyo, así como mortificación por si me hice daño, y al decir tu "ni modo", me estás dando a entender que no te importa mi accidente. Espero haberme explicado,

A popular phrase in Mexico used upon recognizing a bad situation or occurrence: "Ni modo, por eso estamos como estamos."

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