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¿Hay una diferencia entre ahorita y ahora mismo? Profesores diferentes usan los dos, pero no sé si hay una manera diferente para usarlos.

Is there a difference between ahorita and ahora mismo? They both seem to mean "right now". I have had teachers that use both of them, but I do not know if there is a difference instance to use them.

  • Posted Nov 15, 2009
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8 Answers

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It seems to me that ahora mismo is a more eloquent or educated term than ahorita. Almost like you wold hear ahorita with your friends, but they would teach ahora mismo in school.

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It depends what country you are from;

For some people ahorita means right now. The same as ahora mismo.

For others ahorita means in a little while.

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In Yucatán ahorita means "in a minute". For example when someone asks you to do something and you're busy so you answer "In a minute."

  • "ita" is the diminutive form of a word ... in a little while ... ahora mismo means right now! - readytodicta May 1, 2013 flag
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Like others have said, it really does depend on what country you're in.

Check out this blog post and watch the video about a conversation between a Mexican girl and her Puerto-rican boyfriend where they both a have very different understanding of what ahorita means.

You'll also learn about another very Mexican way to say right now, luego luego.

Ahorita Vengo

  • Great learning link, Rodney. - katydew May 2, 2013 flag
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In Bolivia ahorita means N O W but only because ahora means some indeterminate time in the future to be decided by the speaker.

In my experience both can mean "when I feel like it". but one is less in the future than the other. ha ha

  • rofl jaja :) - Kiwi-Girl May 1, 2013 flag
  • Can i get back to you on that mate ,"ahora mismo". - ray76 May 2, 2013 flag
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When I was talking to people from Puerto Rico, I was told it means "in a little while."

When I was in Mexico "ahorita" was used to mean "right now."

  • My girlfriend is from Puerto Rico and says "ahorita" for "in a little while". - nihil78 Jun 23, 2010 flag
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It sounds like one common explanation might be that ahorita means "right away", meaning now or in a few seconds, although of course there's "enseguida" for that too.

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In Ecuador it meant 'right now'. But as Ian said that didn't really always mean 'right now' lol.

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