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Hi everyone, I have heard lots of people on Spanishdict say that they have been to a Spanish speaking country, and they had un gran tiempo and it improved their Español a lot. I have never been to a Spanish speaking el país (but would love to someday!), and solo para diversíon, what Spanish speaking country do you think is the best, and why? Respuesta en Español o íngles. cheese

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Yo diría que en cualquier país de habla hispana uno puede aprender a hablar el Español. Sin embargo es mi opinión que para aprender a hablarlo “mejor”, países como España en Europa, Costa Rica en Centro América, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador y Argentina en Sur América serian las mejores opciones. Todos los demás hablamos mucha jerga y la base del idioma que construiríamos al aprender no seria tan firme como en los países ya mencionados.

  • That is very true. It's like "Hmm, would I learn better French in New Orleans, Canada or Paris?". There's a lot of dialects out there. - Yeser007 Nov 15, 2009 flag
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I'm biased. Colombia or Ecuador. I haven't lived in very many Spanish speaking countries (just Colombia and, briefly, Venezuela), but I've done some traveling in other countries. I learned Spanish in Colombia, but I've never had any trouble with the differences in accent from one country to another. I work just about as well with folks from Argentina or Bolivia as I do with people from Colombia.

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España, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, they are all well known places to go, if you like archieology and exploring more about latin america and its history, go to Latin America, Guatemala has pyrimids long before the spaniards envaded, go on wikitravel, that could help you, another tip, in practicing Spanish, read wikitravel in Spanish, they say more about the country there than the english version...(but read both so u understand about the places you would like to visit....aswell as learning more vocabulary and how to use the words. good luck!

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Ye será imposible - o casi imposible - equivocar. Cada país de habla hispana tiene su encanto. Si prefieres aprender algo de la cultura indígena, has de visitar a un país con alto porcentaje de población indígena. Si te atraen la cultura y la historia de Europa, tu selección será España. Si te encantaría ver una gran variedad de geografía, pues tal vez Chile (tiene un desierto, lagos, montañas...algo de todo). Si buscas una experiencia de eco-turismo, Costa Rica tiene toda la fama.

Buen viaje!

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hahaha I think everybody's going to be pretty biased in these responses... I've only lived in Spain as far as spanish speaking countries go, but it's INCREDIBLE there!!

you've got to check it out.... Plus according to the Spaniards, they speak the most 'correct' (read: best), Spanish

  • Of course the mother country would think that :) - BellaMargari Nov 15, 2009 flag
  • Yeah, I agree with you Margaret, and I also do think Spain sounds like an awesome place to visit! :) - April-Sarah Nov 15, 2009 flag
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En mí opinión, creo todos los país son bueno. Tengo solómente a México pero, si viaje a una otra país entonces aprenderás español bien. smile ¡Buena suerte! wink

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¡Fuera a Argentina! El tango, el vino, el español smile

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Mexico is the best. grin

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Does anyone here actually live in a Spanish speaking country (and are you a native, like were you born there?)?

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I was born and raised in the U.S., currently living in Argentina. I highly recommend Buenos Aires. If you want something closer to the States, it's hard to beat Colombia...very beautiful country and people.

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El en que estes !

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We did a dive trip to Panama a couple of years ago. The locals had a lot of fun with my Spanish. This was the worst scuba diving we had ever experienced (Pacific side) but the country was so beautiful and the people extremely friendly. Panama ranks numero uno conmígo.

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I highly recommend Colombia. I have not been there, but have met through my life way too many Colombians, and from what I have heard and seen it is by far the best Spanish.

I have lived in several Spanish speaking countries, but there are too many ways of speaking Spanish...the one spoken in Argentina is definitely not the same as in Peru or Spain, and there are also the dialects and slang....

Hope this answer helps.

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Dicen de hecho que uno de los países que mejor habla el español con más correción al menos es Colombia.

Claro, nosotros los españoles somos maravillosos, jeje tongue rolleye

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What is the spanish and accent like in Venezuela????

  • There are a lot of different accents in Venezuela, like any large country. I lived in Caracas. It sounds a lot like Puerto Rican, Cuban, Carribean in general. Very fast, no S's on the ends of words, and they glide over the D's in between vowels. - KevinB Sep 21, 2010 flag
  • Oh, and they use a tremendous amount of slang and idioms. And they claim they don't speak Spanish, they speak Castellano. - KevinB Sep 21, 2010 flag
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