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Is there any difference between using quisiera versus me gustaria when you say "I would like"? If yes, what is the difference? Thanks.

  • Posted Nov 13, 2009
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4 Answers

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me gustaria is would like in the sense that you are expressing how something pleases you - me gustaria mucho ir al cine contigo

quisiera is used as would like in the sense that you are making a polite request for something - senorita, quisiera cafe con leche

also quisiera is used to express "i wish" in english - quisiera viajar a italia este a~no.

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There are two ways to say I would like: Quisiera, and Me gustaria- I would like vegetable soup please- Quisiera una sopa de legumbres por favor. or Me gustaria una sopa de legumbres por favor.

Me gusta means literally : It pleases me but Me gustaria would be more I would like.

Both Quisera and Me gustaria are the polite way of asking for something.

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Quisiera is I would want. Querer

Gustaría is I would like. Gustar

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I believe "me gustaria" is more like "it please me" or "it would make me happy to".

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