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Como fue tu día? (How was your day?) Que hiciste hoy? (What did you do today?) Let's practice our Spanish by sharing what we've done lately and getting corrections. smile I've looked and I didn't see a thread like this, but I apologize if there was one.

  • Anoche, cociné una pizza sin salsa para mí y mi hombre. Puse pimientos verdes, cebollas rojas, aceitunas negras, dos tipos de queso, y alcachofas en la pizza. Fue cocida un poco demasiado, pero pienso que fue bien. Para un postre, tuvimos el helado con vainilla, chocolate, y nueces. (Last night, I cooked a pizza without sauce for myself and my boyfriend [man]. I put green peppers, red onions, black olives, two kinds of cheese, and artichokes on the pizza. It was a little over-cooked, but I think it was okay. For dessert, we had icecream with vanilla, chocolate, and nuts.)
  • Posted Nov 13, 2009
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He aclarado un inadoro bloqueado en mi barco,

  • Qur alivio! - mountaingirl Nov 13, 2009 flag
  • You are not getting much response Lisa, just one blocked toilet so far. - kenwilliams Nov 13, 2009 flag
  • So aclarar is used for clarify (unblocking?) the toilet? - jeezzle Nov 13, 2009 flag
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Me gusta es pregunta.Estaba trabajando en mi casa hoy.Voy a jugar con ustedes mañana, si usted envía su pregunta.

I like this question. I was working on my house today. I will play with you tomorrow if you post your question again.

  • A couple of things....1. es = esa. 2. otra vez. 3. Can you use enviar to mean post? - jeezzle Nov 13, 2009 flag
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