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Como se dice "I'm sick" en español?

  • Posted Nov 12, 2009
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4 Answers

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Estoy enferma (o)

thanks anita smile

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Hello Anita. This is a perfect question for the Translator tab at the top of the page. While nutmeg is correct in saying that "mal" can refer to sickness, if you want to say "I'm sick", that would be "Estoy enferma". Hope you feel better, si estás enferma.

  • Ignore what I said about nutmeg, her response has been corrected. - jrey0474 Nov 12, 2009 flag
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Estoy enferma. (If you are female).

I see the point of asking this question, since, just for fun, I typed it into the translator and got three different answers.

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You say it, "Estoy enfermo."

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