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I know "por la tarde" means "in the afternoon"

What does "de la tarde" mean? Is it even a correct phrase?

What is the difference between the two? When would you use one or the other? What is their role in grammer?

Is "de por la tarde" a correct phrase?

  • Posted Nov 11, 2009
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2 Answers

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De por la tarde is no good.

"de la tarde" could be when you are telling the time to someone: "Son las dos de la tarde,"

"Me gusta mas descansar en las horas de la tarde." --- Ilike to rest in the afternoon hours.

"Me gusta descansar por la tarde." --- samething

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I know that "por la tarde" means in afternoon or by afternoon, it also has the same meaning as "en la tarde". "Tarde" can also mean evening. You use it for saying, for example: " Yo hago mis tareas en la tarde"/I do my homework in the afternoon (or evening). And for "de la tarde", I agree with the person who answered first. You use it when you are telling time. Like if someone asks: "Que horas son?"/ What time is it? you answer back: "Son las--- de la tarde"/ It is--- Where it has the --- you have to say a number refered to what time it is. You only use " de la tarde" when you are telling the time at the evenig or afternoon.

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