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i always hear in songs "ya tu sabes" like Pitbull says this in his song Mira Mira and Lenny Martinez from Outlandish says this too. They either say it in the beginning or at the end.

  • Posted Nov 11, 2009
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10 Answers

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it means "you already know"

ya = already, tu = you, saber = know

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Ya is just functioning as an intensifier when the phrase is used colloquially, so it means "You know" or "You know it."

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Now you know if at the end and probably as you already know if at the beginning.

Ya can mean now or already (or other things) so we would need the context to say exactly what is meant.

tú; not tu

Mira Mira lyrics provide no context

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You know it.

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im unaware...?!?!

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You already know it.

You know it now(?)

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It means: You know , don't youwink

We use the structure differently by the way:

tú ya sabes....wink

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"you already know"

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you know i got this!!

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Those are dirty words and It means "you know me very well Baby" Words for coloquial use in Puerto Rico... Complete sentence: "Ya tu sabes mami porque me conoces bien"

  • If you are a boy and you say 'ya tu sabes' to a girl. What does it mean? - Thalickz Feb 3, 2012 flag
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