How do you say, "Sorry you have the Wrong number."? | SpanishDict Answers
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If you get a Spanish Speeking wrong number phone call.

  • Posted Nov 10, 2009
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4 Answers

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Hi John. Welcome to the forum grin

I'd say:

"Lo siento pero usted tiene el numero equivocado."

  • yes welcome to the forum John - DJ_Huero Nov 10, 2009 flag
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Lo siento/Perdón, pero tú no tienes el número correcto.


  • "razón" is a noun; not an adjective. - samdie Nov 10, 2009 flag
  • "numero Incorrecto" , not "numero correcto" :) - LAtINaPunKRO Nov 10, 2009 flag
  • "numero incorrecto" results in a double negative given the context of the sentence above. Is that OK in Spanish? - 0057ed01 Nov 10, 2009 flag
  • JAJA!!! You're right bad... yes double negatives are used in Spanish... - DJ_Huero Nov 12, 2009 flag
  • Waaaaait a minute...nuh-uh, because I said "you don't have the correct number". read it again. - DJ_Huero Nov 12, 2009 flag
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Or - here's another one! "Lo siento. Ud. se equivocó de número."

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Normally., I would say "Te has equivocado en el número de teléfono¨.

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