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were you live

  • Posted Nov 9, 2009
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You can double click on a word to get its Spanish or English translation, or you can use the dictionary. Here are some words that might be helpful:

house - la casa

home - el hogar

home - el domicilio

residence - la residencia

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Try double clicking the word house - (this one is accurate)

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El señor Hugh Laurie.


  • As a Brit, his American accent is really good. - 00515f39 Nov 10, 2009 flag
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Check out the Dictionary tab on the tool bar above. It will quickly give you the name for house.I would edit your psot for you but I am out of edits for the day. Please use correct grammar and punctuation on the site as everyone is learning here and may use your text as a model. Welcome to the forum!

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casa duh!!!!!

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