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I am doing some spanish homework, and we have to list words that descibe what or how we are, and at the top of the list write soy. then do another list and put estoy, would that mean what doesnt describe me, and what i am not?

  • Posted Nov 9, 2009
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  • estoy is the yo form of estar, so it means I am, for more info see sarahjs's post :) - BBnewgo Nov 9, 2009 flag

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Estar describes as "a condition, emotion, or location." If it doesn't describe with those, then use ser. condition-tired, sick (etc)

emotion-happy, sad (etc)

location-where you/a person/an object/etc is located.

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Use this acronym for estar/estoy: POCOLOCA

PO sition CO ndition LOCA tion

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I agree with Ken. Because that is something to remember about Estoy being used for a temporary condition and Soy is for Concrete things. You being lets say American or tall wont ever change. You being on the street or cooking can change so you use estoy.

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Estoy contento = I am happy, so it describes a temporary condition. Soy Inglés = I am english, and that is a concrete fact. So you can say estoy + how you are feeling, where you are or what you are doing at any given time: Estoy en la calle = I am on the street. Estoy cocinando la cena = I am cooking the dinner. Soy ken = I am Ken. Soy de Inglaterra = I am from england. Soy alto = I am tall. Soy agradable = I am friendly. etc.

  • I just want to say that I like how nice youse guys are when answering questions. "Nice is good." - GaryT Nov 9, 2009 flag
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