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What does the spanish word cuerisima mean in English?

  • Posted Nov 9, 2009
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8 Answers

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"Cuerisima" means "extremely cute."

  • "cuerisima" is synonymous with "chulisima," very cute, extremely cute, super cute. - Malenor Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • Which country do they use this a lot - Mexico? - 00515f39 Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • I like this word! since it of course, describes me! - cheeseisyumm Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • It describes you, even though it is the feminine form of an adjective?!?! - samdie Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • Yus! wait?! hmm, maybe not... :( - cheeseisyumm Nov 9, 2009 flag
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Cuerísima comes from cuero (leather or skin) and it is used when a girl is very beautiful, with a great body.

  • It is used with anything extremely cute, whether it is cats or babies or las señoritas. - Malenor Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • But it is used wrongly when applied to cats or babies. - Malenor Nov 9, 2009 flag
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I asked a couple of Mexican guys about the difference between "cuerisima" and "chulisima." They told me that they are not synonymous expressions, that "cuerisima" is more sexual in meaning than "chulisima," but that people use the former wrongly. So wherever I have seen "cuerisima" used on the internet to describe kittens and babies, it was very, very wrong indeed. tongue wink They very much agreed with Mokay about the root word having to do with skin.

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Are you sure it's spelled correctly? I couldn't find it in the dictionary.

Something similar would be carisma, which means charisma.

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This also could be a typing error and be carisima (very expensive)

  • Good one! I suppose it's just a guessing game unless he returns to give us some context. - --Mariana-- Nov 9, 2009 flag
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I don't believe it is a Spanish word to be honest. big surprise

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It is either slang or a miss-spelling. google has many hits on this word and most of the time it seems to be used as an adjective, such as "cute?", however I do not know the meaning of it for certain.

An typical example I found:

Ke onda amiga!!!! bueno te escribo para decirte ke eres un niña super buena onda, linda, creativa y cuerisima........

Where I found this example, it looks like a 15 year old girl with pink sparklies and girlie stuff everywhere was using this term....

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perhaps referring to the body? cuerpo?

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