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I´m looking for a really good source for kids music in Spanish. Alyssa won´t stop singing De Colores which tells me music is a very successful way to teach her.

Any suggestions?

  • Posted Nov 9, 2009
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Hi Quepasa,

Music is an excellent learning tool, especially for children. Think of all the commercial jingles or TV theme songs you remember from childhood. Most people can recall the music and lyrics even after decades of not hearing them.

Here is an excellent music learning site for children. I hope it is helpful for your daughter. Spanish Music for Children

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I found a web site a while back called SpanishTown, Spanish for kids. Im not sure if there is music there or not, but worth checking.

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You might like Caballito Blanco and Los Pollitos Dicen and several other children songs videos by YouTube user Juan3007. However, I personally found Mi Muñeca Me Habló somewhat disturbing. confused

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Here's another link with kids music in Spanish.

Kid's misic town

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These are great sites!! Quépasa, thanks for posting this. You can always go to youtube and type in Plaza Sésamo or anything related to spanish kids songs. smile I am a youtube junkie, sad but true!! smile

  • Awsome, I didn't know Plaza Sesamo existed! - cheeseisyumm Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • lol, am I going crazy or is burt swearing at ernie? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THLC__UwFCw - cheeseisyumm Nov 9, 2009 flag
  • Ok, maybe Burt just had enough of Ernie, I mean they have been friends for well over 50 years and don't look a day over 15!! :) - Jason7R Nov 9, 2009 flag
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Have you tried Francisco Gabilondo Soler´s (a.k.a. Cri-Cri: El Grillito Cantor) music? It's "old music" but definitely "classic" within the Spanish-speaking culture. Every person born before 1990 knows these songs, no doubt (well, at least in Mexico, he!) grin.

Sadly, I think younger generations haven´t even heard them, they're no longer commercial exactly confused.

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