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My girlfriend said "me fasina gracias"Can you please translate for me?.

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"I'm fascinated thank you."

  • thank you very much to everybody. I just started learning and this site is very helpful and all of you are a very big help - jersey_guy77 Nov 8, 2009 flag
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No offense to the other replies to your post but I don't think anyone really answered your question. Me fascina does literally mean "it fascinates me" but what she is really saying is that she likes it in a deeper way than just "I like it." Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks for added insight. It seems to be in line with what 003487d6 wrote. Hope to hear from you again. We'd love to know what your English and Spanish proficiency levels are and your gender in your profile. That will help us understand you better. :) - Sassette Dec 5, 2016 flag
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You'll probably get some results if you spell it "fascina"

It fascinates me, thanks.

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I corrected your punctuation and capitalization. Welcome to the forum.I would type your girlfriend's phrase into the translator you see in the toolbar above to get an idea. If it still doesn't make sense , put the answer in the forum for critique.

  • it was in a text message so I don't know the correct punctuation for it. The search option didn't give me any results - jersey_guy77 Nov 8, 2009 flag
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try Me Fascina. It really just means that she loves it.

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I am only guessing that it is mispelled and that she meant, "Me fascina, gracias." Which would most likely mean "It facinates me, thanks"

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