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Mi novio escribío, "El H1N1 es como El Sancho, no se ve pero existe" pero realmente no podía explicar qué o quién es El Sancho.

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En Mexico, "El Sancho" significa "el amante de su mujer". It is sort of a joke, like the milkman's baby in the US. You never actually see El Sancho, but he exists.

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Well, I know the Sancho to be the other guy, like your man on the side, same thing with Sancha.

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¡Aja! Ahora yo reconocer quien es mi padre!

  • Jim, examine your sentence again, you've slipped in some English and forgot to conjugate conocer. Cheers! - Fredbong Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • Hermano! - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
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El sancho, pig or hog.

  • But in this context, I think it refers to the Mexican colloquial "El Sanchez" because, like H1N1, both are omnipresent threats that can cause serious harm without ever being seen. - jrey0474 Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • Are you thinking of chancho? - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • They use "El Sanchez" or "El Sancho", but I don't know about "El chancho". See: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1068292 - jrey0474 Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • chancho is the word for pig or hog - I was wondering where you got that translation, but I see your link above. - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
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