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¿Comprendo que el machismo es igaul de "male pride" or "male chauvinism", pero hay reglas no escritas del machismo? ¿Puede significar algo distinto de una persona a otra?

  • Posted Nov 5, 2009
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Una lista de rasgos del machismo

1). Defender y proteger a la mujer de peligro es el trabajo de un hombre.

2). Un hombre tiene que mantener a toda la familia con su sueldo.

3). Un hombre no debe nunca jámas cocinar, limpiar ni hacer tareas domésticas

4). Los hombres no se lloran

Esta lista se origina en observaciónes y no es supuesto ser autoritario

Chauvinism is very similar except that with chauvinism many of the views are associated with how a woman should act and be treated. For example, a chauvinist might assert things about a woman such as "A woman's place is in the kitchen," or "barefoot and pregnant (is a woman's natural place)." This type of thinking typifies chauvinism

  • Estoy asumiendo que esta diferencia de persona a persona...sabes si esto es un concepto ampliamente aceptado en Mexico? Y es la palabra "machismo" que se usa para ambos ideas? - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • creo que sí, pero en los E.E.U.U. la palabra "chauvinist" lleva una connotación más negativa - Izanoni1 Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • Sí, es verdad, y todo que encontré en línea sobre el machismo fue negativa también, pero no se han encontrado con que mi amigo actos; y dice que él tiene el machismo. - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
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I am an American living in Spain, and I have noticed a little bit of the machismo here, but it's not as forcefull as the rules above suggest. It seems true still that the man's job is to generally take care of the woman, and the woman's job is to take care of the house, but people don't see this as a chore or a binding obligation, rather as something totally normal that you just do. For example, my host dad and host brother never make their beds, but my host sisters and I do. My host mom makes the men's beds. My host mom cooks all the meals and cleans everything. The men in the house never help out but we don't see that as sexist the way we do in the USA. It's just how things happen to be.

  • My boyfriend was a afraid that I would think exactly that - that he was sexist, but I find his machismo very sexy! In the United States, through women's fight for equality we gave up the right to have the protection of a strong man. (At least that's my - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • ...opinion) I guess there is only so much space for comments! - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
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¿Donde hay tales reglas? ¿Este sitio aquí?

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The way I see it is: Those who can, do. Those who can't, talk.

Also I am big (6'4" - 240#) and I've noticed if a smaller person is insecure then they tell a lot of "tough guy" stories. I guess they want me to think they can whip me or something. I would prefer to talk about music or cooking or something else though...

That's my take on it.

Was I supposed to answer in Spanish? oops... Sorry.

  • I don't know if that is as much "machismo" as it is "small guy syndrome" I have also heard it called "napoleon syndrome" when the small guy feels he needs to act tough or take on the world for compensate for a small stature. - Izanoni1 Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • English is fine...but from what I've gathered so far it's more complicated than being "macho" as we say in the US. It has more to do with the interactions of males and females in relationships. - aloshek Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • Yeah, but if it were not for females there would be no reason for this behavior. Small man syndrome is about bluffing or taking out the big guy to look good for the ladies. - Seitheach Nov 5, 2009 flag
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Pues, ¿es correcto decir hay machismo bueno y hay machismo mal? Por ejemplo, un hombre con el machismo bueno defiende y protege una mujer, pero un hombre con el machismo mal es más abusivo hacia las mujeres.

It sounds like good machismo is simply what we call being old-fashioned.

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