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¿Cómo se llama en español la cosita encima de la lata de refresco que se usa para abrir la lata?

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Wordrefernce.com says "abrelatas" means can opener as well as "pop top". That answer was posted by a native speaker from Mexico. From the posts on that thread, I am confident that this is what you are looking for. At least, that's apparently how it is said in Mexico!

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el abridor

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Are you referring to the "tapón de rosca"? (the twist-off cap)

  • No...not a cap, the little metal thing you pull up on to open a can. Not a can opener, either. - eblue Nov 4, 2009 flag
  • No, he is talking about that little opener on top of a soda can. - 0068e2f4 Nov 4, 2009 flag
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I'm not even sure what it is called in English. confused Tab?

Would it be 'la ficha de metal'?

I used Google translator for the Wiki page How to Drink a Soda tongue rolleye

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Never had the need to name those things so I wasn't sure about the Spanish name for those little metal 'rings' raspberry, but I looked it up:

"Anillas de lata" or "anillas de lata de refresco, gaseosa, cerveza, etc." if you want to be more specific smile

Now, what do you call them in English?

  • I think they're called "pop tops". Why "anillas" and not "anillos"? Gracias - mountaingirl Nov 4, 2009 flag
  • Um, I would like to know that myself too, actually. Prior to this I didn't even know those 'pop tops' HAD a name in Spanish :P - InésDelRío Nov 5, 2009 flag
  • If there are bottleing companies in spanish speaking countries they must have a name for it. - 0068e2f4 Nov 5, 2009 flag
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Sí hombre....eso lo sabe todo el mundo...

Se llama "chisme" raspberry

Hi eblue, just kidding, meaning I haven't got a clue.

welcome to this friendly sitesmile

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