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I have noticed that some hispanics say "doble u" and some others say "doble v". Which one is the correct one? In english we say double u, not double v.

  • Posted Nov 2, 2009
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Both may be acceptable.


Here you will here it pronounced (point at the letter) ---> Alphabet with sound


Here you will read it written as "ve" doble ---> link text

  • Very interesting Moe. Thanks - RicardoP Nov 2, 2009 flag
  • Heidita might be sleeping by now. I wonder how they say it in Spain. - RicardoP Nov 2, 2009 flag
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In Mexico we say "doble u" as in "doble u, doble u, doble u, punto, spanishdict, punto, com" (some even save time and just say "triple doble u, punto..."

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Really??????? Doble u????? LOL

I am sorry, no offense...but that sounds probably as funny to me as the doble uve to you.

We say doble uvesmile

  • Here in Dominican Republic, are use both terms, but to me.... "doble uve" makes no sense; as in Wilson you don't pronounce like Vilson... you say Uilson. - mgumbs Feb 14, 2015 flag
  • An english word it's not a good justification for understand any letter in other languages. Think about this: the "w" embebed in this german word "volkswagen" is not pronounced like in english!! Indeed in Spain they say "uve doble" or "doble uve". - caos30 Sep 25, 2015 flag
  • In fact, in german, the "w" in "volkswagen" is just pronounced like a "v". I'm sorry, but i suspect that the latin spanishers simply traduced from english "double u" to "doble u" :( - caos30 Sep 25, 2015 flag
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I'm Salvadorian and my family and I all say "doble v"

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I believe it is "oo veh doble".

  • Lise, "uve doble" means doble v. Interesting - RicardoP Nov 2, 2009 flag
  • as in "u" " v" "doble v(w)" I believe you're reciting the alphabet - Yeser007 Nov 2, 2009 flag
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Interesting. I am from Colombia and we all there say: "Doble u"

  • Hola, vecino! En Venezuela se dice "doble v". - mountaingirl Nov 2, 2009 flag
  • Que curioso vecina, en Colombia y Venezuela hablamos un español muy similar. ¿Cuál es su punto de vista como profesora de español? - RicardoP Nov 2, 2009 flag
  • ...and there we all say.... - PeterRS Dec 18, 2012 flag
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I say double u and I am American!

  • I agree. In Mexico they say "doble v" ?????? - RicardoP Nov 2, 2009 flag
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I say double u and I am a kiwi (New Zealander) but this probably doesn't help! LOL

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When we look at the keyboard on our pc and/or phone keys, what do you see? A "W" or "two U letters together" (UU). I'm pretty sure you saw something closest to VV instead of UU. So my answer is "Doble V"

En mi escuela y colegios asistidos durante mi niñes y adolescencia se me enseño que es "doble V"

Info from www.rae . es w.

  1. f. Vigésima sexta letra del abecedario español, y vigésima tercera del orden latino internacional, usada en voces de procedencia extranjera. En las lenguas en las que existe como fonema, su articulación es ora de u semiconsonante, como en inglés, ora fricativa labiodental y sonora, como en alemán. En español se pronuncia como b en nombres propios de personajes godos, p. ej., en Walia, Witerico, Wamba; en nombres propios o derivados procedentes del alemán, p. ej., en Wagner, Westfalia, wagneriano, y en algunos casos más. En vocablos de procedencia inglesa conserva a veces la pronunciación de u semiconsonante; p. ej., en Washington, washingtoniano. Su nombre es uve doble, ve doble o doble ve.

ORTOGR. En palabras totalmente incorporadas al idioma es frecuente que la grafía w haya sido reemplazada por v simple; p. ej., en vagón, vals, vatio.

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When we're taught the alphabet in school in the US we learn to sing "double U and X Y Z"! I never even thought about it before, but of course the letter is written as a "double V"!! Weird.

My mother taught me the alphabet song when I was still learning to talk, and until I could read the alphabet I thought "LMNOP" was all one letter!

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Just because your keyboard is a double v, it does not means that it has to be a double v. When I write it I write it like a uu. Double v is more germanic, like VolksWagen (W sounds like V). In english it sounds like U as in Work.

In spanish we barely use it, most of the words are "anglicismos" (words that come from English) like Wyoming, Wafles. Etc. And some local indigenous words like wachuma.

So we can say that in spanish it mostly sounds like a double u.

  • Hope you understood what I pasted in spanish from the rae.es and if we are going to start talking about the origen Germany, I recommend you to go check how is pronounced in german. - ajproart2 Sep 29, 2016 flag
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There are several shades of Spanish, no doubt; and no one can judge which is 'better'. I was taught in Castellano W will always be reported as doble uve. The 'Suramerica' is certainly under the strong influence of North America, as well as all the rest of world. Thus, 'doble u' is definitely possible there.

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There are three ways to say it: Doble uve, ve, u.

All are correct; however, Double u is the most common.

Each country has their way of saying this and justifying so just be open- know them all and accept.

I personally say, "Doble U".

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Double U = English

Doble V = Castellano.


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Since it has been bumped up, in classical Latin, there was no letter "U" nor the letter "W." There was a "V" which was sometimes pronounced like a "U" and sometimes like a "V." When two "Vs" were together, the pronunciation was more like we pronounce a "W" today.

The letter "W" was a later, maybe medieval, addition. So, "Double U" and "Double V" are sort of the same thing.

By the way, there was no "J" either. The "I" pulled double duty.

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