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I don't understand where cuidate comes from or the meaning of this phrase.

  • Posted Nov 2, 2009
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3 Answers

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Hi - it sounds to me like something someone would say at the end of a conversation, so you don't have to worry about the "bueno". Cuidate is the imperative form of "cuidarse" - to take care of yourself, and "mucho" here is adverbial. So, the phrase as a whole means: "Ok then, take good care of yourself!". Hope this helps.

  • Shouldn´t it be "cuídate" to maintain the stress on the "i". - Eddy Nov 2, 2009 flag
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"bueno cuidate mucho" means "well, take much/good care". In english we wouldn't say 'good' care, so it's like saying "Ok, take care"

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"Bueno, cuidate mucho" means: "well, take good care of yourself", not literally, of course, because "mucho" means "much" and you would never say: "Well, take much care of yourself", right?

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