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I'm trying to find out how to say Cheerlead and Cheerleading in Spanish

  • Posted Nov 2, 2009
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  • Asshole. English is probably not this persons first language and dictionary is spelt diccionario in Spanish so they may have gotten confused. - 009c1578 Sep 21, 2016 flag

4 Answers

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cheerleader = "porrista"

cheerleading has no translation - "el aliento de las porristas"

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Porrista???????????? big surprise big surprise

That sounds rude in Spain. Porro is joint in Spain. wink

Cheerleader: animadora

cheerleading: animar al equipo

  • Yes, here's joint too. Ok, maybe is not "porrista" in every place. - ismarodri_uy Nov 2, 2009 flag
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cheerleader = animadora cheer = animar USE A DICCIONARY!! it's not that hard

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DICCIONARY! lol Sounds like your the one who needs a dictionary to spell "Dictionary"!

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