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how to spell cempazuchitl ? hmmm

  • Posted Nov 1, 2009
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3 Answers

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This looks like a Mexican place name but I couldn't find it on the map.

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It is spelt correctly. The Flower of Death

La flor de Cempazuchitl o Zenpasuchitl, es conocida tradicionalmente como la flor de muerto, pero técnicamente corresponde con el nombre de caléndula, una maravilla mexicana de bello color amarillo o anaranjado.

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here is an reply I posted 2 days ago in a question about "the flower of death"

Have a look at this Wikipedia Page cempasúchil (also spelled cempazúchil)

I hpe this is helpful.

  • I wonder how it became the Flower of Death, when it is a healing plant? - 00515f39 Nov 1, 2009 flag
  • The Wiki page calls it "Flor de Muertos" and translates it as "The Flower of the Dead" (not "death") for its use on El Día de los Muertos. - Moe Nov 1, 2009 flag
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