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when I read a book, I read sentences "Despues llegó el Rx-8, que desde su lanzamiento fue un parte aguas en la historia"

could you translate this sentences for me? I am confused ...

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I would have to go with "watershed", as in:

  1. an important point of division or transition between two phases, conditions, etc.

Later arrived the Rx-8, that since it's launch it was a watershed in the history ..

I could be very wrong though...

Interesting, you could use "parting of the waters" like samdie said too to make it fit:

Later arrived the Rx-8, that since it's launch it was a parting of the waters in the history ..

I wonder if moses parting the sea is where the term watershed came from? Since parting the sea could be considered an important point of division or transition....

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Looks like it means a turning point, when everything changed.

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Es una palabra que usamos cuando queremos dar a enteder que un suceso o algo, han hecho historia y que apartir de ese momento, las cosas van a cambiar.

Turning point, good translation, lorenzwink

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"A parting of the waters" (cf. Moses and the Red Sea, perhaps)

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The google Spanish translator translates "parte aguas" as "watershed."

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I think the correct word is 'parteaguas'; One word, not two. (But if it was in a book as two words... hmmm)

Regarding the definition, I agree with lorenzo9. Additionally, after reading the thread in his link it appears to me that 'parteaguas' may be a regional word.

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Creo que el término equivalente sería Break ground

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@ Marrrco

Something can be "groundbreaking = "innovative", "pioneering", meaning a "breakthrough" has been made, a "turning point" reached.

Is that what you mean?

Here's a comprehensive series of in-context examples for the interchangeable

parteaguas and un parte aguasparteaguas

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