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Could someone please help me with the translation of this phrase? I tried the translation section and got a few answers and I'm not sure if either is correct. ls it an idiom that possibly means "Don't fence yourself in" or "Don't box yourself in"?

  • Posted Oct 31, 2009
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3 Answers

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my peruvian girlfriend often uses this phrase and it means don't leave

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It's probably No te vayas, or Don't leave

  • I am almost certain that it is no te vallas. I heard it used several times by an acquaintance from Colombia. Could it be a phrase specific to that area? - JoeyT Oct 31, 2009 flag
  • I guess it's possible but I have never heard it. No te vayas and no te vallas would sound exactly the same probably. It's not uncommon for someone to misspell in Spanish either. v and b's sometimes are switched along with ll and y's :) - 003487d6 Nov 1, 2009 flag
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Well, I agree with you as to the translation of No te Vallas, but Dandi has a point as well.

To further add to the confusion, there is a song entitled "No Te Vallas" but the lyrics say "no te vayas".

No Te Vallas- Intocable

Te quiero demasiado para Olvidarte en unas horas Porque me haces daño Por que me dejas ahora Que no me ves muriendo Mi alma se acaba Y no puedo vivir sin calma

Coro Pero no, no te vayas No me dejes sin tu amor Necesito sentir de nuevo Al fuego de tu pasion Pero no, no te vayas No seas cruel con mi corazon Pero no, no te vayas No me dejes un triste adios

Eres lo que amo Y no acepto que te vayas Me pierdo en la marea Y mis lagrimas se acaban Lyrics Link

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