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Does SpanishDict have an API for developers to provide quick translations?

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Not on staff of SpanishDict.com, I cannot of course answer your question... Hey! wouldn't it be terrific if there is a published API to the several dictionaries you reach on the dictionary page. I have used the hardcover versions of both Velasquez and Chambers Harrap. They're great. I, too, would welcome such an API...or one to reach the RAE.

But I also have the problem of not always having access to the Internet:-( That second problem is more than the frustration of waiting for a web page to load. As I said I've purchased old fashioned dictionaries to use when not online.

Then by chance I ran across an older digital edition of one of my dictionaries in a small strip-mall computer shop -- for very little money...about..oh..maybe it was $19..

It is called iFinger. When deciding to respond to your post, I looked to see if they are online. And they are...I found that they have a Spanish-English dictionary that sits on the desktop for $31. I also found a freeware popup dictionary at popdict.com.

I kind of doubt that you'll get a positive response to your query...But these might be alternatives...and less work. Someone already wrote the program provides you with the interface.

  • If you want a great English dictionary in your computer - download WordWeb. So far, there are very few words that I haven't found in this dictionary. - 00515f39 Oct 31, 2009 flag
  • I've got that too. - ian-hill Oct 31, 2009 flag
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I do not know if they have a developer api for translations, but I have seen spanishdict.com "widgets" you can include on your own website. I think that is more along the lines of "word of the day" though, not translation...

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Translation services are provided by Google, Yahoo, and some other engine whose name I can't recall right now. Google seems to have the best results for me...maybe Google has an API, but I don't know.

Google Translator

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I found a "widget" to look up words on RAE (Real Academia Español).

(Hmmm...I am not exactly sure what a widget is although I know what it used to be...)

I even clicked on "Get Widget" but am not sure where the widget "got" ?? Do I have it? Would I know? Wherever might it have gone?

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