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I just did the layout for a Spanish brochure from an MSW file that was supplied already in Spanish. However, the person who typed the document probably didn't know how to enter the appropriate accents because none were included (other than a few ñ's).

Is there any easy way that I could have the document checked for proper accents?


  • Posted Oct 30, 2009
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3 Answers

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Here is an online spellchecker. I have never used this one before so do not know if it any good.

Corrector de ortografía para el Español

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Hello, Peterpica - welcome to SpanishDict.

Check this thread please smile

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If you mean some sort of site/program to which you could submit test without (or with improper) accents, probably not. On the other hand pretty much any Spanish speaker with a high-school education could provide the answers/corrections. Accent marks in Spanish are dead easy.

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