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what does the word allegro mean in english ?

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Alegre in Spanish means happy. Between that and the Italian definition of "allegro" I have wondered why an allergy medication is named "Allegra". Is it a coincidence, probably not. I'm guessing those with seasonal allergies and congestion are subtly being encouraged that this medication will bring them happiness and pep in their steip if they take it. wink. However, for most, the side effects include drowsiness.

In my job, I occasionally become bored and wonder how the names of medications are decided. So please forgive me for digressing. raspberry LOL

  • No te preocupes. Su digresión era a la vez "alegro" y "alegre". - Moe Oct 29, 2009 flag
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I believe that's an Italian word that means "happy" or "joyful". You could always try for an Italian translation website just to be sure.

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It is an Italian musical term that is used in English "as is".

  • Not "as is". "Perhaps, Joyfully" or "with sprtit/animation" - samdie Oct 29, 2009 flag
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It is an Italian word having the same meaning in English and in Spanish.

In English it is spelled with two l's. as "allegro".

In Spanish it is spelled with only one l as in "alegro".

To determine the meaning:

For Spanish

Place you cursor on the word “allegro”.

”Double-Click” on the word “allegro”.

In the narrow blue window that opens, “single click” on the word “allegro”.

For English:

Place you cursor on the palabra “alegro”.

”Double-Click” on the palabra “alegro”.

In the narrow blue window that opens, “single click” on the palabra “alegro”.

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–adjective, adverb

  1. brisk or rapid in tempo.


  1. an allegro movement.
  • That is exactly how I have learned it as far as music theory is concerned. - Nicole-B Oct 29, 2009 flag
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Allegro is a term used in music that means you must play or sing at a fairly fast pace.

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You have all got it wrong. It is a type of car.

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