What does the following mean in English? el Dia de los Grandes | SpanishDict Answers
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Translate el dia de los Grandes

  • Posted Oct 28, 2009
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3 Answers

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Literally, as you've probably already found, it is 'the Day of the Great.' Does that make sense to you?

If it is an expression then I'm not familiar with that one. And a web search didn't turn up anything easily. Where did you see/hear it? In what context?

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Diá de los muertos

1 Nov. day that the spirits of dead children (angelitos) return to visit the living.

2 Nov. day that the spirits of dead adults (los Grandes) return to visit the living.

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¡Hola!, 50Mom:

I found this article through a Google search. It appears that El Día de Los Grandes is a part of the larger Los Días de Los Muertos observations.

Read [This Article][1] about Los Días de Los Muertos and pay attention to the last sentence in the 2nd paragraph for a reference to El Día de Los Grandes.

I hope this is the information you wanted.



[1]: http://ode.k12.ar.us/renteriap/PDFs/Projects/dia de los muertos/deadDiadelos muertospacket.pdf

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