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My question is: How would you say "Hey baby what up?" Kinda like "Hey baby what are you doing?"

  • Leeanna - One would say "What´s up" - ian-hill Oct 28, 2009 flag
  • She was using urban street slang. - Goyo Oct 29, 2009 flag

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Que onda mamacita? Que estas haciendo?

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  • I don't think that's in there, although that's good recommendation. If so, can you reference the link? I'd like to see it. - DJ_Huero Oct 29, 2009 flag
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Que paso vato.

  • I originally edited out vato because it can be a very offensive. But in some contexts it may not be. Just be aware of that when using this word. - Goyo Oct 28, 2009 flag
  • ¿Qué pasa, vato? - samdie Oct 29, 2009 flag
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Que onda papacito? QUe onda mija. Que onda mijo. Que onda chula. There are many other ways to say this.

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Que onda vato would be more like "Whats up homie."

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In Spain:

¿Qué tal , guapa?

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From the Puerto Rican side:

¿Qué pasa pai (or mai)? - "What's up dude/girl?"

¿Qué es la qué estapajando?, ¿Qué es la qué hay?, ¿Qué es la qué?, or ¿Claque? - all of these mean "What's up?"

Mira locón/locona - "What's up, crazy!"

These (and more) can also be found in my Puerto Rican Dictionary that's been reposted by popular demand by Heidita, see below.

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