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What does "hace falta" mean?

  • Posted Oct 27, 2009
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"yo me falta un cuchillo"

This expression mentioned before by luhzon89 is not correct in Spanish.

"Yo" in this case is redundant, The way you have written it is the same as if in english I've typed "me myself lacks a knife".

In Spanish this is a no-no. Although another redundant expression like "a mi me falta un cuchillo" would be correct although why is it correct it's because it's mostly a colloquial expression.

Other ways to say this is "me falta un cuchillo" , would translate to "I lack a knife" but actually in spanish this would imply that you have a knife missing (like it was lost or stolen). An example of this is "me falta un diente" for example, which means "I lack a tooth".

To answer to the original poster, "me hace falta un cuchillo" is the proper way to say it. "Hacer falta" would loosely translate to "I lack the use of". Hence "me hace falta un cuchillo" means "I need a knife", and everybody at the table would understand that you need

I hope this clarifies.

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it is a very common expression in spanish that means "need". Faltar was a tricky verb for me to learn because it is used to mean "to lack" or to be lacking. "yo me falta un cuchillo" I need a knife. It is just a different manner of saying things.

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something you need for example:

Me hacen falta zapatos (Spanish)

I need shoes (English)

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