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What does this mean in english? I could not find this when I typed in darse.

  • Posted Oct 27, 2009
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6 Answers

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Me doy cuenta = I realized

  • Wrong tense :) Me doy cuenta = I realize Me dió cuenta = I realized :) - Valerie Oct 27, 2009 flag
  • Actually, "me di cuenta"="I realized it" - samdie Oct 28, 2009 flag
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Check this out:


Hope this helps. smile

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Type the word "dar" without the quotes in the search box, and you should find what you need.

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it means to find out or realize

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Check it again crsytalina2. I posted the reference page to figure it out. smile Hope it helps.

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Darse cuenta de que .... por ejemplo

Te diste cuenta de que es nuestra aniversario? (Did you realize that it is our anniversary?) Si, me di cuenta (Yes I realized)

Sorry for the missing accents.

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